News, releases and updates at NJ Designs!

Well I have been so busy these last 6 weeks or so making custom bridal gowns, which is always nice to do.  I did find some time in between to make a new gown, some tops for Spring and 4 new bridal gowns.  Demos for the bridals are available at the mainstore.  The Chantilly bridal gown took many, many hours to make, most because of the cutout feature in the system skirt, and the horrible avatar mesh we have to work with – that’s another rant for later 🙂 but I am really pleased with the end result.


I will also be participating in the Allure Southern Belles fashion show once again with 4 lovely gowns on show.  I had to move my store quickly this week too from Surf City to Bari Isles.  The new store is on a lovely sim belonging to Frank and Glitz and has a real seaside feel about it.  LM is in my picks.

A lot of the group didn’t do the recent Valentine Hunt so I have put the gown that was a prize from NJD out to everyone in the updates group so no-one misses out.

At the moment I am working on a medieval bridal gown, with head dress as authentic as I can make with prims, hopefully with just a few more tweaks and fussing it will be ready in the next few days.

Until next time, take care xx



This month’s new releases at NJ Designs and Whispers in the Mist

Three new items have been released today, firstly for NJ Designs is Laura, a lovely slim fitting gown in soft chiffon with flow and movement.  The flexi tassels come in either gold or silver, depending on the dress colour.  Available in 4 colours at NJD mainstore in Moonlight Bay.

The next two are from Whispers in the Mist, Lady Miranda which has a satin embroidered underskirt topped with a velvet trimmed lace overskirt.The bodice has matching satin front and back panel trimmed with velvet ribbon and bows.  The waistpiece is made of prims and the sleeves are sculpted with prim lace.

Lady Jane features heavy velvet folds with lace underskirt.  Both the waistpiece and collar are made from tortured prims.  This gown comes with face veils and is also available for RP physicians in green.

From last month is Lady Amanda also. All these styles are available at the Whispers in the Mist at Moonlight Bay.

I am glad that over the year and a half I have been in Inworldz I have managed to build up quite a lot of stock.  I used work on stuff a month or two in advance of styles being released, but lately I have had so many requests for custom bridal gowns that my time for making new items for both Whipsers and NJD has become restricted.  As more people come to IW I can see this happening more often, especially when physics arrives this year, so it is really important for me to keep a stock of new items always ready.  I guess this applies to all of us who build and create in IW and have businesses to run, but I have cut the new releases down to once a month now, just to give me some breathing space (well that was the idea anyway !).

I am so pleased that Tranq and the team have finally got alpha layers to stick on logouts/logins now.  I stopped wearing any shoes or hair that required alphas for this reason.  I can’t count the number of times before when logging in to speak with a customer quickly, I had forgotten to put the relevant alpha layer on and ended up half bald or with flapping fugly feet poking out – usually both !

Our little world is growing with leaps and bounds and I hope we never lose that special atmosphere only found in IW, that really makes it feel like home.  Until next time, take care xx

New releases @ NJD!

Well I thought I had published this one but found it in my drafts folder! Well that must have been my befuddled Christmas brain so it’s now merged with the new releases for 2012 🙂 Below are the latest arrivals at NJ Designs and Whispers in the Mist, with something for everyone’s style.

Lady Margaret features three styles of tops as I have been requested by customers in Gor RP to make the necklines higher for them, so this and future medieval gowns will have a choice of more cover up, as long as the style suits it.  I did make modesty tops for most of the other Whispers gowns but some styles simply don’t lend themselves to high necks.  The extra tops have been placed in the vendor boxes now where appropriate.

I am busy at the moment building a new store exclusively for the Whispers range as it is getting very popular and space is getting short at the NJ Designs mainstore for these gowns.  I am hoping the store will be open this weekend RL time permitting.

All the dresses are available in four colours at my mainstore at Moonlight Bay xx

A little background info!

Making these medieval/Tudor dresses is just so much fun and here is the latest addition Gwen, featuring a wool tweed overskirt and vest with ribbed cotton underskirt and top.  The fasteners on the vest are aged silver in a celtic knot design and the cotton skirt features a simple running stitch decorative pattern at the hem.  The belt is made from prims with sculpted bows to finish.

Someone asked me the other day which sim I used for the background shots.  I had to smile because there isn’t one. The Whispers range of clothing requires photoshoots on backdrops more suited to the era rather than the soft gradient I use for the NJ Designs items, so I shoot the dresses and all props separately in a light box in Inworldz then take them into Photoshop to do the cut outs.  The background artwork is made up of multiple layers using brushes and the wealth of blending options, opacities and filters that PS has to offer. Once the background is done the cut outs are then placed on top and manipulated into position for the best effect.

This is something I had dabbled with just a bit before, but now it has me hooked and I love building up a picture and seeing it emerge from a blank canvas to something that I could never do in RL. For Gwen I decided to do a sunset background that had a feel of a chill in the air.  I needed some props so ran over to Johnny’s place, JTL, to hunt around and found a lovely well and some baskets of apples.  He has some great props at his main store and no doubt I will be a frequent visitor there.

The hardest part of the photoshoot was getting the right pose to balance those buckets in a realistic way (in the shop adverts, not shown here) – I may have to dust off my QAvimator and do some custom poses in the future, however I think Johnny’s props look just ticketyboo in the finished artwork.

I am so glad I chose Inworldz to make my home, not only for the wonderful prim allowance we have or the lower cost sims, but for the freedom it gives creators to build their dreams, create a world from their imagination without the restrictions of cost and prim counts, which just stifles creativity.  The things I have created since being in Inworldz have pushed my capability limits further and further, always learning something new, so a big hug to our Founders, Jim and all the guys and girls behind the scenes for their tireless efforts to make Inworldz the best virtual world xx

Introducing “Whispers in the Mist” by NJ Designs

Well the new project I mentioned in the last post is finally here.  Whispers in the Mist by NJ Designs is my new brand of women’s clothing based around late medieval and the Tudor periods of English history.  There will be clothing for both nobles and commoners, which will give me the opportunity to expand the use of rich detailed textures and fabrics and as we do not seem to have many clothing sculpt creators in Inworldz yet, I will have to torture those prim waistbands just a little bit more.

When I was active in Second Life I was, and still am, a member of Avilion, which is medieval/fantasy.  I am a Ranger in Valaes house and a Dragon of Avilion, although I rarely have the time any more to participate in events there.

Medieval and Tudor history has always appealed to me and I studied the Tudor period for my GCE at school in which I got an A grade.  My designs will therefore not be fantasy but based on the real clothing that was worn, as much as possible given the constraints of VWs (that damn alpha glitch for example).

I do wish more clothing sculpty makers would come to Inworldz, as most of the ones I used in SL do not allow their sculpts to be used on other grids.  I try to use normal prims as much as possible by torturing them into some wonderful shapes, but there are times when you just need a certain curve or twist that only a sculpt will give.  Perhaps in time they will come as Inworldz grows.

Pictures of what is in store now, 20 dresses in 5 styles are below, with new designs coming.  These gowns and dresses will only be available at my mainstore on Moonlight Bay for the moment and are situated on the central first floor.

New look mainstore and new gown!

Well having worked my little pixel socks off the new look mainstore is ready… again. I had done all the building work on a platform, then when it was finished, I grabbed it all in a coalesced object and took to inventory. Due to some odd behaviour the original rebuild simply would not rezz when I took it out of inventory, so I had to start again from the bare bones backups that I had.

The new store will give me more opportunities to expand especially as I have a new project which will be launched soon, details of which I will post next time.  I hope you like the style of the store, it is a heavily modified version of Southie Allen’s Dark Elegance, a store which I always liked and wanted since starting in Inworldz and since moving the mainstore to my own sim I now have the space available.

To celebrate the new store I have released a brand new gown, Taylor, which is very simple but oh so elegant in black silk with gold, red, chocolate  or blue sheer silk underskirts and matching bodice.  There is a huge bow trimmed with the coloured silk on the back of the dress and it looks really lovely when dancing.  The gown comes with silk gloves with optional small bows. Until next time, take care,  Natasha xx

Savannah gown and new group gift!

Well the sim where I rented land on for my mainstore hasn’t come back online yet, so I have rebuilt the mainstore from scratch on my home sim, now it’s back to making clothes again.

The latest addition at NJD is Savannah, a shimmering gown with soft flexi underskirts and semi flexi train.  The hip features prim organza roses, leaves and twirly bits. Available in 5 colours this time – I couldn’t decide which one to leave out so did them all 🙂

The new group gift is an autumnal burnt orange and black version of Savannah, just in time Halloween. Enjoy!

New mainstore for NJD

With the ongoing offline status of Intoxicated sim, I decided to rebuild my store from scratch over my own sim.  It took two days to build, unfortunately when I moved to Intoxicated I had to go Stateside soon after, so I never had the chance to back everything up. Oh how I wish I had, it is  sooooo time consuming just simply reloading new LMs in the several hundred vendor boxes, never mind building the store and placing each vendor. Anywhos, it’s done and although it is temporary for now, as I am hopeful that Intox will be back up soon, at least I have a stable back up should anything happen like this again.  LM for the new store is in my picks and classifieds in my profile.  As I said to one of my lovely customers on Saturday, you all come first, so whatever needs to be done… gets done.

How distant a memory my holiday in Florida seems, time flew while I was there and I look forward now to returning next year.  Right now I am listening to some of the songs I heard on the radio while driving to St Petes, Sarasota, Orlando and my favourite Bradenton beach.  Music always revives memories and these are happy, sunny ones to fill the coming cold bleak winter months.  Happy days 🙂

I have been working on new gowns (inbetween building a shop lol) and I will have a new group gift just in time for Halloween for my NJD Updates group, so keep an eye out and no it’s not a witchy outfit either hehe. I need to decorate the store for Halloween, we don’t celebrate it as much in the UK as those in the States do, but hey I will join in the fun as I did last year.

It amazes me to see how much Inworldz has developed and grown in the last 12 months.  I can remember trying to find sculpted pumpkins last year and there was only a small choice.  This year we have a plethora of wonderful goodies to buy, (cos I just didn’t have time to make my own) which just proves how we are maturing, maybe slowly for now, but steadily.  I foresee a heavy influx happening when we have physics, as many people are just waiting on t’other side to come over and have a look around, yet have all their cars, bike and boats etc with them.  I for one can’t wait to ride my bike here.

Talking of that, I went back to SL for a ride on my HD. What a disaster that was.  I thought I would re-ride one the Routes on Mainland.  I have ridden them all over the years but wanted to see the changes on mainland.  Well having landed at a rezz zone on route 7, I immediately had a sim crossing which spiralled me in the air and dunked me under water before finally landing on tarmac. Geez SL, get your damn act together. How many years have we had physics? Yet still they push out new whizz bang dang fangled shinies instead of fixing the stuff that’s been broken for flipping years.

Anyway I carried on down the road, with the same horrid sim crossing experience several times only to meet a griefer. I was right cheesed off by now and not in the mood to take his pop gun –  so I ran him over .. several times lol, but I did talk with him afterwards and I guess he was just bored out of his brains.  Dunno whether I caught him offguard by actually standing there chatting to him but he poofed without a goodbye.  Oh well..

Think I have blabbed on wayyy too long now, so until next time, take care.  Hugs, Natasha

New Daywear at *NJ Designs*

Back from my hols with two new daywear items, a fine knit sweater with inset top which comes in black and a coordinating colour to match the flower inset, so two sweaters in each box with lots of different layers, for you to mix and match with your own pants or skirts.

The second release is a chiffon floral skirt to match the sweaters, which has a soft flexi sway.  The sculpted belt is attached to the skirt.

Both designs are on the 3rd floor at the NJD mainstore on Intoxicated sim.

Hugs x

New gown and dress/jacket instore

I am holidaying over the pond in sunny Florida, but just had to run in off the beach to Inworldz to put on sale my two new creations, Sophia and Symphony.

Sophia is for those that need a professional tailored look with its houndstooth front jacket, sculpted silver buttons on prim epaulettes and a plain black silk skirt.  Also in the outfit is a sleeveless dress with coordinating top, black skirt and sculpt waist bow.  A stunning, elegant outfit. Available in 4 colours at Intoxicated mainstore.

Symphony is a full ballgown style with lace corset and sculpted waist piece which features roses and ribbons trimmed with ruffles.  A romantic style in 4 colours at Intoxicated mainstore and Marina Bay Terrace shop.  LMs are in my picks.